Friday, 1 July 2011

V I have always considered  my work as one of a writer. Over the years i wrote
only one story. the one of my style. where each COLLECTION represents a single
CHAPTER, with all of its emotions, ideas and motifs. The look may change with 
every chapter, but the main characters are the same, as are the people and
THINGS that inspire me. 
This is A story with the same  protagonist throughout. The fashion elements and
themes evolve as the story line progresses. But the woman behind the pleats, the
embroideries, the bows remain the same. 
The title of this exhibition "Themes and Variations," explains my fashion concept. 
The loyalty to a personal style that ignores the outside demands. This is an approach
I followed by instinct, and one that, I hope, served me well for almost fifty years. 

                                                                                                    VALENTINO Rome, 2008

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